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Date Posted:29 December 2023 

How to use and paint with Tamiya Spray paints

How to use and paint with Tamiya Spray paints

Whatever you ride, the body and paintwork of your RC car are the first thing to notice. Some people like their car shiny, some appreciate more rusty look. Or are you fan of Rad Rods?

From RCH you can now get best hobby spray paints in the market, Tamiya Spray Paints and Painting Accessories that are recommended by most talented RC Car painters worldwide!

Read further to learn more about Tamiya Spray Paints, how to select and use them correctly or check out our selections from link below.

Why Tamiya Paints are so good?

There are many things that separate Tamiya sprays from your local hardware stores selection. It may be tempting to buy a cheap big spray bottle if you look just the volume of the can. It is true that these hobby-specific paints are smaller in the size but usually the area of painting is not that large either. There are also other features that make these paint cans so special.

First of all Tamiya spray paints have a selection of colors and tones that are spot-on choice for most of your RC Cars. Many of their paints are matching to original paint charts of biggest car manufacturers. All the basic colors can be found along more special and accurate tones.

Another things worth of mention are the nozzle and inner pressure of the can. Cheap paint cans from your local store use bulk and not-so-good spraying nozzle in their cans. These nozzles clog easily, the shape of the spray is random and not fine enough for modelling purposes. They often make the paint splatter around and this only can be enough to ruin your delicate paint work. Final result of these cheaper cans is often bumpy and coarse.

Tamiya paints have a higher pigment content than many other brands. This should be kept in mind when comparing to other brands. Especially white tones are famous for their high pigment density.

Tamiya is using a special nozzle in their cans that form a very fine and sharp spray for the paint. When this is combined to high inner pressure of the can, paint sprays out nice and equal and the result of the paintwork (when done right and with time) is at the level that is high enough for modelling.

Tamiya spray paints are solvent based and dry and cure very fast. This in mind, always use Tamiya Sprays in outdoors or very well ventilated painting room or box.

Tip! Lexan bodies are painted inside. Use liquid mask to create shapes easily.

RCH offers two different types of Tamiya Spray Paints. Please select the correct one for the right material!


Tamiya PS for Lexan bodies

PS-paints are for flexible, thin polycarbonate (Lexan) bodies only. These type of bodies are most common in Radio Control cars such as Monster Trucks, Buggies and Performance Crawlers. This paint grips hard to the plastic and after drying it stays flexible.

Polycarbonate bodies are most commonly painted from inside. This gives a nice shine and paintwork is also well protected from the scratches and other damage. Remember to remove the protecting film from outside before you add decal stickers!

Please make sure you yse many layers of primer paint for hard bodies. Sand it smooth (150 grit) before the final layer.


TS-paints are for hard plastic only!

These bodies are strong, often up to 3mm thick and are made usually from strong ABS plastic. This type of body is common on Scale realistic crawlers and in many older style Tamiya Nostalgia Kits.

Hard Plastic bodies usually need some preparing work before the paint such as sanding or attaching some body parts. It is very highly recommended to use fine primer paint before the final spray!

My rule of thumb how to separate these paints is that word "PS" is pretty close of "Polysarbonate", so use PS only for polycarbonate bodies!

Please make sure you use high grade masking tape. Cheap brands may let your paint bleed through!

Tips for painting with spray paints:

Other painting tips:


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