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RC Planes

Ladies and gents, please fasten your seatbelts as our exciting collection of RC planes is ready for takeoff.

These RC planes may look like toys, but they aren’t playing around. Conquer the bright blue skies with a first-rate RC aircraft brought to you by Australia’s favourite hobby store – RC Hobbyland.

Have fun as you assemble your PNP or BNF plane and watch your masterpiece soar sky-high with pride. Not big on building things? Our RTF planes are here to take you up in the sky in just minutes.

Get your hands on the latest and greatest RC planes by game-changing brands such as Flysky, Dualsky, DuBro, E-Flite, Team Magic and much more.

Find the next member of your air fleet at our exclusive range! 

P-51D V8 1400mm Red Tail PNP

$602.60 13% off RRP

Zero A6M3 1400mm Green PNP

$582.53 13% off RRP

Zero A6M 800mm Green (V2) PNP

$234.34 13% off RRP

Moa 1500mm White RTF Mode 1

$377.16 13% off RRP

Moa 1500mm White RTF Mode 2

$434.17 13% off RRP

F3A Explorer 1100mm Green PNP

$396.29 13% off RRP

P-40B 980mm Flying Tiger PNP

$448.61 13% off RRP

T-28D Trojan V4 1400mm Red PNP

$706.87 13% off RRP

Hawker Typhoon 1100mm Camo PNP

$502.66 13% off RRP


$200.86 13% off RRP