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Schumacher CAT L1R - 4wd Offroad 1:10th Car Kit

Date Posted:8 December 2023 

Schumacher has relaunched the new 1/10 4WD race class electric off-road vehicle CAT L1R in 2022, retaining the original car design to the replica product with optimized suspension geometry, bevel differential, adjustable front and rear separation torque system, lighter weight and more robust frame components. Equipped with JConcepts housing and Schumacher spiked tires, the drivetrain has been upgraded to support today's brushless power.

The CAT is one of the most classic British Schumacher cars. 1986 CAT XLS 1/10 4WD Buggy, which won several championships in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States, then extended its wheelbase. Masami Hirosaka won the first place with CAT XLS at the 1987 IFMAR World Championship.

Schumacher's L1 series electric off-road vehicles have won races such as ROS(European Electric Off-road Championship), BRCA British Nationals and ROAR National Carpet Championships, so L1R has a wealth of racing experience from both factory and drivers to develop the CAT L1R continues to achieve the top level racing car.

Click for more information about Schumacher CAT L1R

Click for more information about Schumacher CAT L1R

New updates for Schumacher CAT L1R


New - Front hub carriers with screw on steering plates, allows adjustability to suite all track conditions.

New – Layshaft and slipper plates with M4 layshaft Nut. Lightweight, twin pad slipper clutch with Ultra Fine adjustment spring. The new drive interface for the plates and gears allows more true/concentric running and improves the efficiency

New – Rear suspension geometry for more stability and improved rear traction. This new geometry keeps the car flatter in the turn while maintaining its grip through the corner.

New – Wider suspension mounts.

New - Rear hub carrier with larger outer hub bearings and multi positional camber settings. 10 camber link positions on one plate with shims to adjust the vertical height

New – Longer rear U/J steel driveshafts.

New – Rear camber strap.

New - Hard anodised -1.5mm width, 12mm wheel hex.

New – Suspension pivots inserts for more accuracy and durability. Steel top hat bushes for longer lasting pivots and a greater span for the bearing area of the effective hinge pin length.

New – JConcepts bodyshell design. Popular well known style which offers a great balance of steering and stability.

New – Shorter front U/J driveshafts. More forward drive and reactiveness.

New - Longer front diff outputs.

New – Stronger front upper transmission housings.

New – Updated front wishbones.

New – Steering ball cup and 5.5mm ballstuds.

New – Front inner 3.5mm hingepin with raised position. For more forward drive and agility.

New – Low CofG pinned and centre mounted motor mount. That allows full height shorty lipos to fit in the new forward mounting position. The Lipo position is 9mm further forwards than the previous model.

New - Hard anodised 2mm 7075-T6 alloy chassis. Pocketed for easy radio access with S2 removable trays. Sleak new shape to the rear of the light weight and flex(图片)ible chassis which allows the car to transfer weight to the rear through corners without the chassis catching the track.

New - Moulded composite side pods. Allowing the flex to remain with these soft high quality moulding

New – Easy access LiPo mounting with further forward positioning.

New - 3 piece top decks.

New – Longer rear shock shaft.

New – Rear 1.8mm Anti-roll bar to match the new geometry, included.

New – Gear diff pulley housing with thicker planetary gear shim for better durability. Improve efficiency of the diff in the run.

New – Moulded shock pistons and bushes.

New - ‘S2’ shock brackets. To suite the new front and rear geometry's



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